The expansion of wind power is in full swing in the world. Places with a cooler climate offer better wind conditions and the cold air is heavier and therefore gives more effect. However, there are problems with wind power in cold climates due to ice formation on the wind turbines’ rotor blades. The ice forces wind turbines to long down-times, and it is dangerous when large blocks of ice drop from the spinning blades. 

During a problem year, ice formation can mean that a wind farm loses 25% in annual production. If there is also no kind of de-icing system, the ice in northern Sweden can remain for a very long time. This entails large costs for the energy companies and stationary wind turbines can also result in bearings being damaged. The systems that are on the market today also do not solve the task completely by keeping the blades free from icing. In addition, they are not time- or energy efficient.

The Linnovation Wind Power Program™ is the solution to the problem. It consists a disruptive Anti-icing System with heating panels that are autonomous controlled by an intelligent heating system, an innovative repair system that increases the quality and speed of the repairs and a brand new platform that enables high safety and efficient work regardless of weather conditions. 

Linnovation ANTI-ICING system™

Wind turbine blades are the single most expensive component today on a wind turbine to maintain and repair. The blades have become longer and longer and are designed without special consideration for the conditions that arise in icy climates.

The blades used today are therefore damaged by loose ice and studies show that almost all blades on wind turbines in colder regions have more or less damage.  Linnovation Wind Power Program with its Anti-icing system is therefore something of a game changer in the wind power industry through its revolutionary technology that cost-effectively prevents icing and minimizes damage that causes unplanned and costly production down-time. Below you will find some of the benefits with the Linnovation Anti-icing system.


Each panel individually controlled

The concept is based on panels being applied in several sections per sheet. Measurement and control of the inherent temperature is done individually on each panel, which means that the system has full control over where to apply heat on the blade. Only those parts of the blade that have to low temperature are heated.

heat concentrated where needed most

The coldest point on the turbines blade is at the extreme tip, as the speed, at full rotation, is close to 250 km/h.

Therefore, each panel can be molded with various amount of material inside to ensure higher heat capacity were needed.


Panel works as sensor – no extra sensors NEEDED

The panels are equipped with an ingenious and patented dual functionality. This means that no sensors are required to measure the current temperature. The panel itself takes care of measuring the current temperature and where the temperature is to low the system heats the area.

System activates before ice is built

The intelligent heating system continuously measures the inherent temperature in each panel. When the temperature drops to low, the panel is activated automatically and the heating of the current panel is initiated.

In this way, energy consumption is brought to a minimum.


Linnovation REPAIR system™

For today’s blade repairs, a minimum outside temperature of + 5 ° C is required and only minor blade repairs, where the blade surface can be heated locally, are possible to perform during the colder months of the year (late autumn, winter and early spring).

Damages that form lead to stationary plants and extensive loss of production as a result. Have you suffered injuries while using traditional systems? With our repair technology and platform, you can repair your wind turbines all year round and the work is done in half the time. In addition, the repairman is indoors and checks all technology from his position.

Below you will find some of the benefits with the Linnovation Repair system:



In order to get a really high-quality repair, a temperature and vacuum-controlled environment is required during the curing process itself. Since every hardening with Linnovation Repair is always done in a temperature and vacuum controlled environment, the climate does not matter.

All repair work can be planned and carried out exactly when it suits the business, regardless of time of year, weather or temperature.


Each repair performed with Linnovation Repair not only creates an unsurpassed result but is also done more efficient as each repair takes about half as long as a conventional one wich means that the method provides the opportunity to repair major damage more quickly.

All repairs made with Linnovation Repair automatically generates a detailed report of the entire hardening process with detailed temperature and harden report.



Today, most platforms are sensitive to wind. They are also open, which makes repairs difficult during rain and cold.

Linnovation has therefore designed a whole new platform that can be successfully used regardless of the weather conditions. The platform  is specially adapted for the Linnovation Wind Power Program™ which simplifies and streamlines repair work and maintenance to a minimum.