Successful testing of anti-icing technology

Linnovation together with Skellefteå Kraft and Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency) has performed tests that now have been completed with great results.

The report from the tests states that ”the method worked well and a future commercialization has good opportunities to increase production capacity and thus profitability of existing and new wind turbines in cold climates.”



Blade from a Wind turbine with the Linnovation system:
Exempel med Antiicing

Blade from a Wind turbine without the Linnovation system:
Linnovation utan system

The system will lead to reduced production losses and less risk of personnel injuries to visitors to the wind turbines, as pieces of ice can otherwise come loose and be thrown away.

A very satisfied inventor Kjell Lindskog from Linnovation concludes:
– Our concept is based on the anti-icing panels being applied in about ten sections per blade, which means that you only need to replace the sections where problems arise without taking down the entire turbine. We also have an advanced alarm system that directly indicates if there is a risk of ice formation in any section.