International presentation of the Arctic Stretcher in Arjeplog

On Tuesday the 30th of November, Linnovation had an opportunity to present their new concept, Arctic Heated Stretcher™, a heated stretcher for cold climates that, with its intelligent heating system and electronic control, ensures that the patient continuously has a vital temperature and prevents the patient to suffer from hypothermia.

Armed forces health and medical care representatives from several countries had gathered to take part of the presentation. CEO Lars Tarberg presented the stretcher’s benefits and innovative functions and the interest was great.

The whole idea of the Arctic Heated Stretcher™ began with Kjell Lindskog seeing a bus that, in the middle of winter, accidentally had run off the road containing passengers that suffered from injury. From that moment an idea was born to offer flexible heated stretchers for injured passengers because of its utmost importance to keep injured and traumatized people warm. All to avoid them ending up in shock if you don’t manage to keep them warm. In addition, blood does not coagulate if an injured person remains cold. It’s a known fact that someone who suffers from a bodily injury in, for example an accident, needs immediate heat until he has reached a hospital in order not to avoid being in shock.

The Arctic Stretcher System™ is a flexible solution that ensures that the stretcher keeps a temperature of between 32-37 degrees regardless of outdoor temperature and that way protects the injured person to suffer from hypothermia until he/she reaches the nearest hospital or field hospital.

The stretcher is easy to roll up and is very easy to bring. Unrolled, the stretcher fits perfectly in a standard NATO stretcher and the system is powered energy-efficiently with a common NATO battery or a regular 4 Ah Lithium battery and can handle full operation for one hour. If the travel time to the nearest hospital or field hospital is longer, it is perfectly easy to change the battery.

Now a summary from the meeting in Arjeplog and a follow-up of all leads awaits.