De-iceing of hydropower hatch

Statkraft and Linnovation have agreed on a joint research project to evaluate how Linnovations patented heating technology can be used to de-ice hatches used at hydropower powerplants.

At one of Statkrafts hydropower plants, Kvistforsen, one of the hatches is now equipped with heating panels from Linnovation. The heating panels will be used to remove ice that prevents the hatch from being opened or closed during the winter season.

The solution will be evaluated during the winter 2022/2023 to gather data for how ice builds up on a hatch at a hydropower dam and how to design a heating system that efficiently can remove any ice that prevents the hatch from opening and closing.

This is the first time that Linnovations heating technology is used on hatches at a hydropower dam. The selected solution is derived from Linnovations Anti Ice System for wind power turbines.

For more information, contact Lars Tarberg, Managing Director Linnovation, +46 70 611 61 95


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