A gamechanger since 1976

Kjell Lindskog is one of Sweden’s most experienced inventors. He changed the whole tennis world with the world’s first composite racket in 1976. He also invented the world’s first foldable slalom stick that changed the slalom world. Then he took on the security industry and invented the successful security bag, SQS, which was later acquired by Norwegian Strongpoint.

Today he has built up a team of experienced developers and specialists and together they have developed a completely unique and patented technology for measuring, controlling and heating copper meshes which are molded in different soft and hard panels depending on the application. The underlying technology is partly taken from the safety bags, which then led to SQS becoming Europe’s leading player in its industry. At that time, the purpose was to prevent burglary in safety bags. Today, its all about creating heat.

The basic patent is currently available in the USA, Canada, China and seven countries in Europe. Additional patent applications have also been filed but not yet completed. Now the work has begun to productize and commercialize the various applications for new game changers in various industries.

So let us start with the wind industry. Look out for our new Wind Power Program.